Fantasy Tattoo Symbolism

One of the popular kinds of tattoos are fantasy tattoos made by individuals with a creative personality. Usually, it carries the ideas of hope, dreams and looking to future with. Nevertheless, the meaning of tattoo lies deep in a personal link with the portrayed picture; and, what is more, the choosing of a picture. Fairies, dragons are few of the wide spread fantasy tattoo images, but it is hard to imagine that someone would choose them just for looking cool. A serious tattoo should necessarily have a meaning.

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Symbolism of Dragon Tattoos

The dragon tattoo features represent its symbolism. Dragons are usually shown as mighty and strong warriors. Therefore the idea carried by a dragon tattoo might be shield, protection, or boldness. Some of the dragons are shown as looking like demons, and this might denote might and power, or a chainless and aweless person.

Symbolism Of Fairy Tattoos

Fairies tattoos, are popular with both men and women . Men choose rather female fantasy pictures like seductive mermaids or fairies, and females accordingly prefer fairy tattoos because of their symbolic essence. Some people agree with the myth which tells that a fairy might bring wealth and good luck. Other people view fairies as a beautiful symbol of purity and childhood, innocence and youth. The fairy tattoo features itself can define the expressed ideas better. Some of the fairies are tricky, nasty and severe in their nature, and others can seduce and are mighty, and yet others might be even amicable and unaggressive.

Another ideas of fairy tattoos are usually carried by the fairy wings that are often dragonfly or butterfly wings. To learn more about dragonfly or butterfly symbolism, click here to read about animal tattoo symbolism.

Symbolism of Phoenix Tattoos

This fire bird described in myths is a popular tattoo having a lot of meanings. The most widely spread ideas of a phoenix bird tattoo has a meaning of death and resurrection, changes and mystery, progress. It might as well signify virtue, grace and shelter.

Meanings Of Other Fantasy Tattoos

Wizard tattoos symbolize sorcery, might, mystery. The features of the wizard express the meaning of tattoo itself very well. Some of the wizards may be wicked and angry, similar to the image of a mighty dragon. Other wizards may be kind, for instance like famous wizard Merlin. Some people think that they will find good luck and a protection from evil due to a wizard tattoo.

For sailors and people who work on seas or rivers, one of the most popular kind of tattoos are mermaids. Swimmers love this kind of tattoos as well. Original idea carried by mermaids was the mystery beauty, seductiveness, power and women femininity.

The most uncommon and wizardly character are unicorns, that are known to be intangible. Unicorns are also known as peaceable, tranquil , arcane and unique animals. Some of the popular unicorn tattoos portray a cross among Pegasus (a horse with wings) and a unicorn. Basically, the idea of a unicorn tattoo is purity , heart chastity, goodness, curing, perfectibility, and peace.